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Super Smash Bros Tournament

Our Goal:

Our goal is to raise awareness for lung cancer and to raise money to contribute towards lung cancer research. We want to have at least 50 participants and raise $4,000 to donate to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America. Bringing the community together in order to contribute to this great cause is our priority

Personal Connection

Last year I, John Suarez, lost my grandmother due to lung cancer. She wasn't a smoker but still developed this horrible disease. It was a tough blow to my family, but it inspired me and my friend to create this tournament to commemorate my grandmother and other people who have suffered from lung cancer. Any money that you can donate will be a great help to get us closer to finding a cure. Thank you. 

About Super Smash Bros: 

Super Smash Brothers is a series of fighting video games created by Nintendo. Comprised of a lot of classic characters, such as Mario and Sonic, and a unique fighting system, the game's popularity has risen throughout the years. Now with its competitive scene being the biggest it has ever been, creating a tournament is an effective way to fundraise. Specifically, our tournament will use the newest addition to the Smash Bros. Series: Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U.

Tournament Details

-May, 20th, 2017

-Christopher Columbus High School Cafeteria (3000 SW 87th Ave, Miami, FL 33165)

-Time: Doubles 12:30 pm, Singles 2:00 pm (Sign ups at 11:30)

-Entry fee $10 for singles     $5 per person in doubles

-Prize: Alienware Orion M14X Messenger Bags 

-Food and drink will be sold at the venue

Here is how you can join the tournament and donate to lung cancer research:

Please click the "Make a Donation" above and on the left and follow the instructions to donate to help us raise awareness and funds to find a cure for lung cancer through Lung Cancer Foundation of America.

  1. After clicking Make a Donation
  2. use the link that is already highlighted(*Donate without sponsoring a Team or Individual) - you are already a part of our fundraising team!
  3. and then click Next and follow the prompts

About Lung Cancer Foundation of America: 

"Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) was borne of a commitment to improve the survivorship of lung cancer patients through the funding of transformative science. Its founders a management consultant whose husband died from lung cancer; a young nurse diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer; and, an attorney who had also been diagnosed with lung cancer came together to make this commitment a reality On March 20, 2007, LCFA began its journey with an investment of time, passion and hope. In the intervening years, it has flourished, devoting its time and resources almost exclusively to lung cancer research. It has raised close to $3,000,000 for lung cancer awareness and research programs with more education programs and research grants in the pipeline. It has also been instrumental in developing a continuing public dialogue on the importance of education and research as the route to the early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and, hopefully, the cure." (LCFA website)

All proceeds made at the event will go towards LCFA lung Cancer research.

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