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Yoga event at JCU


Stronger together.

At the beginning of the year, our head coach sat the team down and gave us each a piece of string. She then instructed us to break the string. Everyone easily snapped the string accordingly. She then gave us a rope with 5 knots in it and instructed us then to break that as well. This time, the rope wasn’t easily broken.


The string is representative of each player on the team, and the rope is the team as a whole. Each knot is a hardship that the team has withstood over our 4 years together. The string can easily be broken as can each of us when we are alone. Bound together as a rope, the team is strong and each knot tightens the team and makes us stronger than before.



John Carroll women’s lacrosse has endured a lot ever since the program started four years ago. Our close-knit team has had to overcome multiple obstacles that life has thrown in our direction. We have dealt with sickness (specifically cancer) and death in friends, family, teammates and coaches. Instead of pitying and saying why us, we take those obstacles and use them to make us stronger and closer. 


As a team, doing community service is a value that is very important to us. We are involved in numerous activities, and enjoy being able to serve the community around us and make a difference. We thought by doing this event we can bring the John Carroll community, as well as the community around us together and raise awareness of lung cancer and help raise funds towards the fight for a cure. What better way to celebrate breathing then participating in yoga!


Here is how you can make a difference by making a donation:


Please click the "Make a Donation" above and on the left and follow the instructions to donate to help us raise awareness and funds to find a cure for lung cancer through Lung Cancer Foundation of America.


  1. After clicking Make a Donation
  2. use the link that is already highlighted(*Donate without sponsoring a Team or Individual) - you are already a part of our fundraising team!
  3. and then click Next and follow the prompts






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